B E E N  O N

As another Year comes to an end I find myself being in a foreign Country away from home once again..that should be the last house I change for this Year as I started 2023 living in USA following from France, travelling around Europe all Summer and ending up in Netherlands.

With all the things I've been on I realised it's been 20 Years since I started this Journey of being Graffiti Writer and Artist and no matter how hard it was sometimes and how many times I thought to give up this Dream, I'm glad I didn't..

Because of this culture I am who I am to this day, this was the reason to get up every morning and keep chasing these dreams, that was the reason I travelled so far from home and made all these things happen, to share memories with people from all around the world and experience all that...

I owe everything to my passion for making Art, to the inspiration I get from every place I been to... my great interest to explore and see the World!

To seize this Year up I wanna Thank everyone that helped me through and supported me to this Journey, for all the lessons I've learned - sometimes the hard way sometimes for my own mistakes..

For all that I am grateful because that made me who I am and without them I wouldn't be here today! 

Happy new Year and may 2024 brings that passion and purpose to your life's too, cause I know I have find mine! 



' P O S T  B L U E ' | LISBON, PORTUGAL 2023

My next tour for this Summer will bring me in Portugal, one of my dream destinations for 2023!

Portugal was always one of the places I wanted to visit the most, not only for it's culture, natural beauty and the good weather but also for Surfing! I spend over a week in Cascais and trained by experienced surfers while met with lots of cool people during my stay at a surf camp!

 Of course I could not pass the opportunity to paint in a new Country, which I did my first freestyle quick piece at a hall of fame in Lisbon!

' S N U Z  X  S P A N T ' | LIVADIA, GREECE 2023

Back in Greece for a minute, I decided to visit one of my best friends @spant_one in his hometown for some Graffiti action before we hit the Summer tours and festivals!

This time we decided to blend our Styles together into one mural in order to paint a 20m long wall! 

The whole process was freestyle from design to colours and even thought we had to make every decision on the spot while painting next to each other letter by letter, surprisingly it turned out a great idea for us to put two different styles into one piece and I'm looking forward to make more collaborations like this in the future!

' S O U L  O N  F I R E ' | OSIJEK CROATIA 2023

After the battle jam in Osijek we gathered in a wall space provided by the organisers to paint a last quick piece before we part ways and say Goodbyes! This one next to @helloiamrebus and @ypsilon.walls 

Special thanks to everyone showed up!


 Earlier this year I've been invited to participate in a Graffiti battle in Osijek, Croatia organised by @osjeckatvornicaideja and supported by @sugarfactorygr. Although the whole project was something new to me I accepted the challenge!

 With only 20 Artists selected we had to tag with one more Artist to make in total 10 teams. Each team was given 20 spray paint and a letter with the topic one hour before the battle! The topic was ''How you imagine the world in 50 years from now'' and we had to include every colour given, letters, characters and background! The artwork should be completed in total of 4 hours and every surface was given by a random draw (bus or tram).

 Lucky enough to pull the surface I wanted the most me and @sec_nsk we painted the middle of a tram and came up with the idea to include the word 'Evolution' and the character from 'Terminator' movies! Each artwork was voted by the other teams and the judges of the event at the end. Every team killed it and it was a very close call but we won the 3d place which included gifts from sponsors and money prize!

That was for sure one of the most unique events I've been so far and felt like home from start to finish! Thank you all for the hospitality and hopefully we all meet again some day!

' O U T  O F  T H E  S K Y ' | AGRINIO, GREECE 2023

Back in my hometown in Greece for a short time, I visited one of my usual painting spots for a fresh freestyle piece in order to try new ideas and practice for upcoming events! Since my schedule this winter was super busy for me to paint at a regular basis, this piece would be an important session.

Always good to be home! This is where everything started and its a place for me to regroup and prepare for whats Coming next!

' N Y  S T Y L E ' | NEW YORK, USA 2023

Never in my wildest Dreams I thought I would be painting New York this Year! Graffiti originally started in NY so it was normal for me to want to paint in this City one day!

So I been there and done that!

After searching a while for a spot to paint, I ended up in Brooklyn which they provided me a spot by 56thames. Getting a spot in NY (if you're from outside) is not a simple game especially if you're looking for safe hoods and legal walls, so BIG thanks to Minus One and again Profeamina for hooking me up!

I freestyle Painted my Name in Brooklyn and left my mark overseas once again! 

The whole trip to NY felt like a movie - This piece is dedicated to Erin!


While chasing down for 'free' walls to paint around Philly I came in contact with Profeamina who had a permission on a huge spot which she organises and hosts Graffiti Festivals and events every year, she only asked if I could paint a lighthouse next to my piece as a tribute to 'Virgen' a lady that lived in that street and passed away due to a car accident. 

Virgen's family was looking for someone to paint this for a while and even though I've never done anything like this before, it was an honour to be the Artist to make it happen! I hope this Lighthouse gives her family some encouragement and happiness through this memorial painting.

The whole process was freestyle and since I run out of time that day I managed to paint everything within 4 hours. 

Thanks so much for everyone involved and helping out !


If you would tell me that my first piece of 2023 will be in USA I probably wouldn't believe you! An opportunity came up for me to visit the states for a period of 3 months, life can get crazy good sometimes!

I got the chance to visit a few places while in USA one of them was Philly which I freestyle painted the first piece of the year together with one of the locals finest writer Repoz. I also got to accomplish one of my craziest dreams, to run up the stairs of Rocky - my favourite movies of all time which inspired and motivated me in every way while I was younger and Champion in Taekwondo!

 ' H A P P Y  N E W  Y E A R '

2 0 2 3

Another Year has gone by, and what a Great year 2022 it was! 

I swear to God every year passing seems faster and faster than the previous one, is it because we getting older or is it just that time flies...

 2022 was something worthy to look back to, for all the things I achieved and learned and for how much I grew and evolved in every hard moments during that time I am more than Grateful it made me a better version of myself!

 Surpassing my limits last year, sleeping about 3-4 hours a day for months I've put the hard work first and the rest was rewarding in every way! 

 Last Year I travelled from France to Spain Painted in 4 different cities, saw new places and met new cultures and people! I came back to Greece for Caps N' cans Festival that took place in a beach and enjoyed my summer time with Family and friends only to get back later for the Meeting of Styles Greece in Thessaloniki which hosted by Street Mode Festival and had the time of my life painting with artist from all around the World, met once again old friends and made new ones! Last highlight of the Year was to paint again in Paris before I fly to Tenerife in the canary Islands which I surfed for the first time and fell in love with the sport, relaxed and enjoyed the beach under the hot sun in November and paraglide from the mountains of the island!

 Go chase these dreams or whatever you're after! Start this Year, start today and just be what you dreaming, hard work pays off!

' S M A L L W A L L '  | PART 2

Last Year I painted the smallest wall ever from smallwallofficial! This year I painted the double wall edition with Molotow fluo Acrylics that glows under UV-lights. 

You can check the full process in the video below:

' D R E A M  I N  G R E Y ' | CANVAS 120X80

Spray paint on 120x80cm Canvas using only shades of grey. Revisiting my old style of abstract paintings after long time, I cannot describe how expressive and satisfying it is to paint in this particular way! Looking forward to make more canvas in the future!

If you would like an abstract painting like this Contact me!

' S N U Z  X  N U S H ' | PARIS 2022

My second piece in Paris and last mural of the Year will be with my dear Friend Nush, Together we came up with a Crazy collaboration idea that we freestyle painted in under 5 hours! With many good vibes and memories out of this session I am looking forward for more collabs like this in the future!

Till next Year!

P A R I S  F R A N C E | AUTUMN 2022

Back in Paris, France for a quick session on a very sunny Autumn day revisiting the very same spot from my Summer tours and repainting the exact same wall just because! Did I do better this time?

Video from this session and all my journeys will follow - keep an eye and Subscribe to my Youtube channel!

' G R A F F I T I  D A Y ' | THESSALONIKI 2022

Follow up from 'Meeting of Styles' SKG we got invited for an after-party action on an abandoned crazy location. We spend the day painting a few quick-pieces and having fun! Cheers to all the people showed up on this nice day!

Shout out to Shuens for organising this session!


Meeting of Styles coming in Greece once again after many years! This time is hosted by the Street Mode Festival which I participated for the 3d time over the years and always having a blast visiting! Besides the Graffiti part Street Mode is packed with many live stages, extreme sports, breakdance battles and even more that makes the festival a very unique experience!

With many participants Artist from all over Europe the area is covered with amazing Murals within the 3 days of the event. Meeting new people and sharing Art is always exciting for me, I had some crazy moments and funny experiences during this weekend which will remain unforgettable!

' H E A T  W A V E '  |  KAVALA 2022

After returning to Greece from a long European tour I visited Kavala for the @cosmopolisfestival and the Graffiti Jam @capsncans_2014. The event took place in a sunny beach which I painted prolly my quickest piece ever surviving the heat between Graffiti Artists @merlin_graffiti @bzks_art and @spant_one. Combining my favourite two things in the world - Sea and Graffiti spend an amazing day with old friends and new! 

Thanks @george_kitsoukakis for the invitation, Cheers to every artist and all the people I met there, Until next time!

'E A Z Y' | MADRID 2022

Last stop of the tour will find me in the capital of Spain, Madrid. Exhausted from being weeks in the road travelling and painting I really pushed myself to find the energy to do this last one piece. Again the whole thing was freestyle painted in under 4 hours achieving my mission for this tour. 

 Everyone sees the results but not what it takes to get there, another one in the map for me! Took my Graffiti game from a small town in Greece all around Europe all by myself.

If it was Easy everyone would do it!

' M I L E S ' | BARCELONA 2022

After being many days on the road already I travelled from France to Spain to visit Barcelona for the very first time! Probably my favourite location of this Tour and one more check on my bucket list! 

 Once again I freestyle painted a quickpiece in one of the most urban spots for skating and legal graffiti walls (hall of fame) the Jardin de les tres Xemeneies or Gardens of the three chimneys. This piece made me think of how many 'miles' I've made because of Graffiti and how many more I've yet to go! 

 Graffiti gives me motivation and purpose to be the best version of myself everyday, always grateful for everything I achieved so far and hopefully I will be able to keep doing this for years!

' S O L A R  E C L I P S E ' | LYON 2022

Following up from Paris my next destination in France will be Lyon a very beautiful City by the river with 2000 years of history! For the session of this trip I collaborated with the Mexican Artist Huereck who now lives in Lyon and we met before in the Meeting of Styles - Kosovo during 2020! Together we painted a Freestyle Mural in under 4 hours and spend the rest of the day in the streets of the City sharing stories and laughs!

One thing I love about doing Graffiti is all the people I meet along the way and the bonds we create, no matter where we come from or who we are we all share the same passion about what we do and Art ! 

Cheers to all the good times, the things we share and the things to come!

' D R E A M  I N  M O T I O N ' | PARIS 2022

Second piece in Paris, France and second freestyle in a row! I was challenging myself to make every piece on the spot for this tour in order to develop new ideas and create new things with the only limit being the time! I had less than 5 hours again to complete this piece I think I've made it in 4...

 'Dream in motion' is something that describes my lifestyle being on the road and moving all the time for the last years visiting over 10 countries and countless cities in order to achieve my goals and dreams. For me this is inspiration and energy to keep building, one step at a time..reaching further and further!

' F L O W  L I K E  A  R I V E R ' | PARIS 2022

Starting on Tour this Summer with my first stop being in Paris, France where I painted a freestyle quickpiece under 5 hours in a lovely Hall of Fame spot by the river. First time painting in Paris and France in general for sure the City was something to see and magical to experience as they say! 

More content will follow with vlog videos from all the tour on my Youtube channel!

' S T Y L E  I N  T H E  C I T Y ' |  SNUZ 2022

One time for the City..My City! 

Painted this mural in my hometown, Agrinio last April in good company of local Artists: Usic, Spark, Bask and friends.

This time I didn't follow the usual recipe of just painting my 4 letters SNUZ, instead I decided to mix and cut them to achieve a different perspective and dynamic into my piece. Looking forward to experiment more with this idea in the future! Until the next time!

Big Thanks to @raw.damage once again for shooting, recording and editing the whole session!

' L A V E N D E R ' | SNUZ 2022

I had a surprise visit by my friend Spant in my hometown during winter and we decided to paint a wall together as a tribute for our friend Sotiris. Always a good time painting with my bro Spant!

Special thanks to @raw.damage for shooting, recording and editing the whole session!

They say the good die young..I never met anyone so kind like you...This one is dedicated to our beloved friend Seme. Rest in Heaven, we will meet again...

' J I N X  W A S  H E R E ' | ARTWORK 2022

Mixed media on 50x70 paper. Inspired by Arcane Show on Netflix.

Special effects Appears under Uv-light.

Photography @raw.damage


X O |  ARTWORK 2022



Photography @raw.damge


' C O N C R E T E  J U N G L E ' | SEPTEMBER 2021

One year ago I discovered this amazing Abandoned location in my hometown. 

The wall full of bricks inspired me to paint a freestyle piece οr two looking like one which turned out to be one of my favourites styles of all time! 

Love it when the idea and the spot works out like this!

Photography and Videography by @raw.damage

' D I R E C T I O N S ' | LAST PIECE OF 2021

I've Painted this piece late 2021, since this was my last Piece of the year I wanted to experiment with new ways to paint my Style. As an artist I often get ideas of different ways on how to approach my work and which Direction I should get with my Art each time.


One year ago I had the pleasure to be interviewed by the film Director George Louridas in my hometown - Agrinio about my work as a Graffiti Artist for his Project "Πρόσωπα της Πόλης'

You can watch the interview below (Greek only) 

' H A P P Y  N E W  Y E A R '

  2 0 2 2

2021 - The Year of Lessons.

Last Year was the Year of Lessons for me! From start to finish I was in a tough place facing all kind of problems in order to reach my goals. Living off a suitcase and chasing Dreams all around Europe working here and there, sleeping on couches, hostels, airbnb, hotels.. Been Challenged in every way but made it through another Great year! I am so grateful for every hard time and all the things 2021 taught me, they say there is no growth if you don't step outside your 'Comfort Zone' anyway.

2021 gave me the opportunity to visit and Paint new Countries, meet lots of cool People, shared memories and stories for days, develop even further myself and my Art and Finally started my first ever eshop

Some of these things would not be possible without your support and love over the Years, so Thank you for every way you supported me along this Journey!

Let's Go 2 0 2 2

' O N  F I R E ' | SWEDEN, MALMO 2021

Followed up the MOS CPH I decided to travel to Malmö, Sweden to spend a day with my friend Gonzo that I met during my summer tours, we painted a Hall of fame Wall in the City's center in company with other local Artists. The whole session was a Freestyle piece based on my Abstract Styles which is 'on Fire' while Gonzo piece its 'in the Rain'. I enjoy these sessions the most during my travels cause I don't have to focus that much in my Artworks but Chill and have fun while Painting with friends.

Till next time!

' M E E T I N G  O F  S T Y L E S ' | COPENHAGEN 2021

' B L O O M '

Summer time is over but there's still one more festival to go before I wrap this years up. My final tour will be for the Meeting of Styles, Copenhagen 2021. This was my first time ever visiting Denmark and participate in this Festival, it was an amazing experience to paint between so many talented Artists and the people I met was very welcome and nice. Copenhagen on it's own was very beautiful and inspiring City with historical buildings and modern structures...I really enjoyed my time exploring around!

The event took place in Freetown Christiania which turned 50 this year and the Organizers recommended the Artists to use a specific color scheme to celebrate this occasion. Once again I had no plan for my final design so I freestyle painted my letters S,Z and included a rose in the middle of my Artwork, I called this piece 'Bloom' to represent something that started as a seed years ago and now is grown.

Special thanks to all the team involved in MOS cph and Shout out to all the people I met during these days that made this tour even more awesome!

After a lot of positive reactions for this Artwork I decided to make a Print release for the piece 'BLOOM' - You can find them on my eshop

S I C K O_M O D E_ | KAVALA, GR 2021

After being on the Road for over 10 days with two more Great festivals under my belt it was about time to get back home...or not! I just arrived in Greece when my sis called me to go meet her in Kavala, Greece where we spend few days together.

Of course I could not miss the chance to paint in a new location, so I painted a Freestyle Quick-piece leaving my name on the map once again! This piece took me under 2 hours to complete, no cuts, 9m wide mostly side techniques and based on my Abstract Styles.

' M E E T I N G  O F  S T Y L E S ' | ALBANIA 2021

' V I S I O N S '

Meeting of Styles Albania 1st edition was challenging but rewarding! Followed by Mos Kosovo and being on the road for a few days with the other Artists and People heading to the next festival I am having tons of fun, the only phrase it comes to mind when I think about these times is 'endless laughs'!

The challenging part was they had to relocate the festival the very last moment but the team behind MOS Albania pulled it through and got us new place in time to make the festival happen! With so many Artist followed from Kosovo the new location wasn't big enough for everyone so I forced to change my style formation to vertical in order to fit my given space and that was surprising rewarding for me, I loved how this Style turned out and I am looking forward to revisit this idea in the future!

These things happens during festivals that's why I usually don't prepare any final sketch for such events and I choose to go freestyle in order to have the best result fitting in every wall!

These two meetings will be unforgettable to me - Shout out to all the people I met during the 10days between Kosovo and Albania You guys killed it! Till next time!

' M E E T I N G  O F  S T Y L E S ' | KOSOVO 2021

' E S C A P Ǝ '

It's Summer, the heat burning my skin and it's time to go on my first Tour of the year! First stop will be once again for the Meeting of Styles - Kosovo, Pristina. I had a blast joining this festival for a second time in a row, with many more Artists participating in the 5th edition, it was something to remember for sure!

Shout out to the Organizers of the event for another Great Festival and big up to all the people I met during these days that made the event so special!

Videos of the whole Summer tour will be uploaded in my Youtube channel - Stay tuned!

' B A C K  T O  T H E  F U T U R E '

Earlier this Summer I painted a Retro Style Mural - You can Watch the 'Session' in the video below:

SNUZ | 2 0 2 1

' N I G H T  S E S S I O N S '


Earlier this Summer I had the chance to reunite with my Crew mate 'Zep' and Paint together after a very long time. We made the crew FREE-Z around 2012 in a period of time that I had almost given up being Graffiti Writer and we made the promise that if we keep doing it, we will have to be the best we can be! FREE-Z is more than a Graffiti Crew for us, is more like a code and promise that we have to keep that force us to be better and better at everything we do no matter what! Till next time bro!

Photography by @raw.damage

'S M A L L  W A L L'

SNUZ 2021

Recently I've Painted my smallest wall ever, created by @smallwallofficial. The wall size is: 11cm height, 25cm width and 1.5cm depth Painted with mixed Media.

' 1 8  Y E A R S '


Mixed media on Paper 65x33cm. 

This Drawing is dedicated to my 18th Anniversary in the Graffiti Game. You can purchase this original Artwork at my e-shop

- N o n - S t o p -


Day Three - third piece. This time I visited Utrecht, I spotted this location by accident some time ago, while I was moving around Netherlands and saved it on my maps. Again I freestyle the whole piece and it took me around 4-5 hours to complete.

Three days - Three Pieces completed. I will upload all the videos of every session during my time in Netherlands to my Youtube channel - Stay tuned and Subscibe!

' U N F I N I S H E D  B U S I N E S S '


Second day - second piece.  After visiting the STRAAT museum and got inspired by all the amazing Artworks, I painted again at NSDM-Hall of Fame. One year ago, I didn't get to finish my Piece there and it was covered the next day by another Artist. This time I decided to repaint the same exact wall Freestyle, but I managed to get it done in 4 hours. Video of the whole Session will be available - soon.

' M I D N I G H T '


After a few months off the walls I had the chance for a Quick spray-day in Amsterdam, at Flevopark-Hall of Fame. The whole piece took me three hours to complete, inspired by the midnight bicycle walks I had after work, thinking about Painting Graffiti again. I made the whole thing Freestyle at the spot.

Three Days, Three Pieces.

I have spend 3 days in Netherlands to focus on my Graffiti Skills, you can watch the whole sessions via my YouTube channel - soon.

'Step Up or Step Out'

NEW DRAWING | 2 0 2 1

Ink and Markers on Paper 65x33cm.

' B A C K  T O  S C H O O L '


Due the lockdown in Greece these days it's forbidden to go outside in general not to mention for doing Graffiti, I could only paint indoors at this time until my friend @31stillwriting invited me to his hometown Messolongi, for a School Project that was commissioned at the time so I filled my bag with cans and took off !

Thanks for the chance to hit a Spot during lockdown and all the Support during my Session! Until Next time !

' G U T S  O V E R  F E A R '

FREE-Z | 2 0 1 5


'Guts Over Fear' one of the most important FREE-Z productions I painted with my crew mate ZEP back to early 2015. Just a reminder what it takes to face yourself, your fears and find the guts to reach your true potential and goals, this still follows me today in everything I do.

' R E F L E C T I O N S '

NEW PAINTING | 2 0 2 1



2 0 2 1

This was a very challenging Year for everyone, with so many crazy things happening in the World I had to adapt to every situation, find new ways, learn and evolve. Loosing my job twice due to pandemic, I had to move back and forth between Countries in order to keep working for my Dreams. It was exhausting, frustrating but in the same time it made me a stronger person. I still made it through as my most successful year as a Graffiti Artist and by the end of the day I just made the ' Best of it '.

Also I want to Thank you so much for your continued support, I am grateful for every single follower I get through social media, my subscribers on YouTube and every visitor in my Website coming daily. Thank you for Supporting my Work !

Goodbye 2020, you made us stronger !

2021 Let's do This !

' A L P H A  O M E G A '


I painted this Mural back to September 2020, combining two words the 'ALPHA - OMEGA' into ' what I call - Dual Style. Definitely a Style I am into lately and looking forward to develop more in the future. Photography and Video by @angelos_stamatis_photography

This video is dedicated in Memory of one of the first Writers and Mentor from my hometown - Agrinio.

Rest in Peace Okso81.

' W I C K E D  G A M E '

NEW DRAWING | 2 0 2 0


' V I S I O N S  O F  F U T U R E '


My final stop for this Summer tour will be at Wiesbaden for the international Meeting Of Styles in Germany. The hype and anticipation for this event was extremely high with lots of Writers and Artists joining this year's festival even with the circumstances of covid.

The theme for 2020's edition will be 'The Visions Of Future' which every Artist painted their vision, to cover the huge underpass. Due to corona the event didn't go public or had any other live shows and the real dates remained secret among the participants to avoid gathering of large crowds.

For the part of my Vision I had the chance to collaborate with @mateartist @honsar_art @dirtysix6 who created the Giant Characters around My Style. Special thanks to Manuel for the invitation and delivering the MoS in Germany for another Year - Shout out to @spant_one who also participated and being my partner in Crime for this trip, it was such a Great experience!

I will be releasing the videos from the whole Summer tour on my Youtube channel - Soon.

Here's my interview for the Meeting Of Styles Online Magazine.
The YouTube Livestream interviews and action from Wiesbaden.