Here you can find Original Artworks, Canvas, Prints + other Merch.

All Prints are signed and numbered by SNUZ. Comes with an embossed logo.

Order your Dream Painting on Canvas with your preferable size, style and color scheme, vertical or horizontal to fit your space exactly the way you wanted. Contact via mail info@snuzstillfree.com

Previous Commissions

Why even order one painting when you can have 3 simultaneous canvas in the same color and style. 3x60x70cm Canvas

Or even 4, with different colors but similar style to decorate your place. 4x61x76cm Canvas

You can install them any way you want, the choice is yours!

Double Canvas with custom installed elements. 2x60x80cm Canvas 

Other customers also loved these Abstract Style Paintings. 

80x120cm Canvas

50x100cm Canvas 

See Collection here


Do you need to order and you cannot find any shipping method for your Country?
Please contact me with your address info and I will figure it out for you.

Do you want to make me a better offer in order to purchase my Original Work?
I will accept offers for any original Artwork or Canvas you have your eyes on!

Do you want to order a custom Original Artwork/Canvas with your preferable size, theme and colors?
Sketching, drawing, canvas you name it! Tell me what your vision is and I'll paint it.

Do you want to commission me for a Mural in your City/place?
 I would be happy to hear your idea and travel there!

Any other suggestions/ideas for my e-shop?
You wish I had this specific Print of my work or some other kind of Merch? Let me know your suggestions and ideas and I'll try make it happen!

Contact me via mail info@snuzstillfree.com